Wednesday's Domaine


"There's absolutely no doubt that our visual identity has helped us to win and retain more than a hundred listings over this past year." (Luke Hemsley, Founder)


We were tasked with naming and creating a brand world for a premium, non-alcoholic wine. One that appealed to wine lovers, full of character and charm. And one with serious shelf appeal, that you’d happily take to dinner.
Our response delivered just that.
‘Wednesday’s Domaine’ is for those looking for a hangover-free, midweek tipple. Those that know ‘Domaine’ cleverly plays with both the English meaning and the French – a place where wine is made. And who enjoy the witty tone of voice and the use of the brand’s logo as a base for a series of characters. From bottles and labels to boxes and a website – everything perfectly balanced for a full-bodied brand.


More than 100 listings
gained over the past year

"Turns out Kuba and his Friends know what they're talking about it. Their ability to extract information about a business and its customers before turning this into something so utterly joyous and compelling is nothing short of remarkable. They take you on the journey but equally aren't afraid to push back - something everyone who works with them stands to benefit from."