Wednesday's Domaine

Quite a character


We were tasked with naming and creating a brand world for a great tasting non-alcoholic wine – one so full of character and charm you would be happy to carry it over a friend’s threshold. We wanted to look seriously good, not seriously boring.


>100 listings gained over the past year

The solution

The name Wednesday's Domaine talked to that mindset of wanting the pleasure of a drink not the pain of a hangover in ‘wine language.’ The various on pack characters make witty use of the brands logo while also coming together to form ideal dinner party conversationalists. A convivial and characterful solution.

"Turns out Kuba and his Friends know what they're talking about it. Their ability to extract information about a business and its customers before turning this into something so utterly joyous and compelling is nothing short of remarkable. They take you on the journey but equally aren't afraid to push back - something everyone who works with them stands to benefit from."



"Alcohol free wine has long been a backwater - uninteresting and unloved. In our bid to change that, crafting a compelling brand identity that aligns with our customers' worldviews has been crucial. There's absolutely no doubt that our visual identity has helped us to win and retain >100 listings over this past year."