Making big science engaging, emotive and relevant


The Future Forest Company, as the business was called before we renamed it, had 2 big issues; it was a generic looking brand and it had a confusing (and again generic) brand name that did not reflect the ‘big science’ stories at the heart of the company. This is a business that is literally trying to undo all of the climate damage that has been done, the brand simply needed to reflect that.


$11mil investment round led by a top US Climate VC

The solution

Create a new brand. UNDO.

We created a brand name, identity & tone of voice that reflects the huge ambitions and world changing potential this brand and the founding team have.

We created a brand that is able to tell very complicated science stories in a simple, easily understood and engaging way.

“At UNDO we have raised an $11mil round led by a top US Climate VC and with the world's largest mining company also in the round to give us access to rock so it’s pretty exciting. There is no way that deal would have been closed without the fantastic branding work K&F did for us.”