The mean tomato

A mean brand that means business


Our friends at Gopuff in the US wanted to tap into the pizza category with their own in-app delivery. The challenge was no short order – create a new brand from scratch that can rapidly cut through all the existing competition already out there. And there’s plenty of it.

We knuckled down, creating an award-winning brand identity with real stand-out. Taking our name as the base, we topped it with a familiar NY tone and a bold, anarchic character for some extra kick.


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D&AD wooden pencil for

D&AD wooden pencil for

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Packaging Design

The results

Launching The Mean Tomato increased pizza units sold by 98%, nearly doubling the pizza business.

Awareness of The Mean Tomato was quickly established amongst customers (64% brand recall).

"I approached Kuba & Friends seeking a logo, and what I received was beyond my expectations—an award-winning, groundbreaking brand. Their strategic foundation was insightful and simple, the creative concept was massively creative yet approachable, and the execution was flawless. Working together, truly as a team, we conceptualized, developed, and brought to life The Mean Tomato. From the name and positioning to the logo and even an unexpected custom, award-winning font, the entire process, including go-to-market elements, social media, website, and a photo shoot, was meticulously handled in every way. My affection for this brand is immense, but the joy of creating it was even greater. This group is truly epic, and I eagerly anticipate our next project because I am certain there will be another one.”