Feelgood Pharma - personalised skincare that makes you feel good inside and out


Gleam (previous brand name) offered a combination of expertise and a positive approach to problem skin. With their team of dermatologists, they created a bespoke service, with formulations tailored to each customer’s particular skin type and stage of care.
They needed a new brand (including new name) that would stand out in the crowded skincare market.


Raised over £15million in funding

Daily Doser patented

Exceeded 1 million customers in 2023

The solution

We renamed the brand Skin + Me to reflect this highly personalised brand. The Identity was born from the idea of ‘feel good pharmacy,’ playfully blending the visual codes of prescriptions and personalisation, efficacy and emotion, the reliable and the relatable. We created the brand name, brand identity and highly innovative packaging solution.

The Results

In its first two years of operation, Skin + Me prescribed millions of products to help hundreds of thousands of customers achieve their skin goals. The Daily Doser has been patented (a metered dispenser that delivers the exact dose of personalised solution for the customer’s nightly application).

"Kuba and his team nailed it. Skin + Me has grown significantly over the past few years and the consistent feedback I get from people is "I love the brand"! "