PetLab Co.

An actively loved rebrand


PetLab Co. was founded as a digitally native brand with one simple goal; to improve the lives of all pets. But in recent times, the competition has been on the rise. New to market brands are jostling for the same spaces, often supported by design that helps them stand out from the crowd.

Our challenge was to evolve a successful online brand to compete in an ever more crowded category.


Increased market share

PetLab Co now a $100million+ business

World Brand Design Society Bronze in Packaging Design

the solution

'Actively loved' became our design strategy. We started from a wordmark where the letters snuggle up to each other in cosy combinations, through to illustrations of dogs that playfully pop up in unexpected places. These assets form the heart of a dynamic experience, where emotion, rather than function, define the visual and verbal language.

In December 2023 PetLab Co won a World Brand Design Society Bronze in Packaging Design. Market share in the US has increased significantly as the brand continues to scale, with PetLab Co now being a $100million+ business.