The fast growing drinks with a zing that are curiouser and curiouser


Low calorie and yet full flavour, no added sugar and yet nothing artificial, refreshing yet with a warming zing. A truly distinctive beverage with a less than distinctive identity. We worked closely with the two founders to define the brand, creating a distinctive, stand out identity to take the brand to the next level of growth.


D&AD wooden pencil for Branding/Logo

Significantly increased distribution across the major retailers (Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons) in 2022

Succesful fundraise in 2022

Won Co-op listing in 2023

the solution

An award winning brand expression that captures the unconventionally sublime nature of the brand and it’s curiously delicious drinks.

"Kuba & Friends were amazing to work with, from the very beginning they took the time to really understand the brand. This enabled them to create fantastic vibrant designs that encapsulated what we stand for as a brand all the way through the design process.
They expertly guided us through the process of our redesign to a place where we are so proud of our packaging that they created for us, and love to see it on shelf.”

Julia Kessler, CEO & Co-Founder