From pain into positivity


Guud came to us with a truly distinctive proposition for a new, collective approach to women’s health. Offering expert knowledge, support and supplements needed to harness individual menstrual cycles in a feel good, positive way.


MoM growth rate +30% without any paid media budget

The solution

Taking the name Guud we created a distinctive identity and tone of voice based around our concept of ‘positive flow’. That core idea became the backbone to the brand voice, imagery both illustrative and photographic which we then applied across every touch point from web site to packaging.

“When the Kuba&Friends team presented the first draft of the strategy deck, my co-founder started crying from happiness. It's rare an agency can capture the essence of a brand like this and bring it to life too.
The moment we launched the brand our company's growth skyrocketed. Just in the first year or avg MoM growth rate was +30% and we didn't use any paid media budget."