eve sleep

Every great day starts the night before - how to be an energy brand in the sleep space


Kuba was a founder of eve.
The foundations for the brand were built on the insight that ‘every great day starts the night before’.
The aim was simply to wake up a sleepy category and to create an energy brand versus a mattress company.
We celebrated the benefit of a great night’s sleep rather than dwell on the sleep itself.


£12M turnover in 2 years

IPO’d at valuation £150M in 2 years - fastest retail float in UK history

YOY growth of 355% in 2016

Coolbrands 2016 - first mattress brand to ever feature

Start-up of the year 2017

Silver DBA 2019

The Results

2 years after launch, eve was operating and selling across 15 countries.
And by 2017, eve had 22% brand awareness and reached its official status as a household brand.

advertising print campaign

The print campaign took eve's brand awareness from 0% to 12% in 12 months.

collaboration with london fashion label folk

We created a capsule collection combining Folk signature style with the iconic eve design. The collection included sleepwear as well as a 
bedding range.