Better Dairy

Better Dairy for a better world


Fancy a hot, melty mature cheddar on toast, some nutty parmesan on your pomodorro linguine or perhaps a tangy slice of stilton with your apple pie? Well, if you got that cheese from Better Dairy you’d not just be enjoying the taste, but you'd be helping to save the planet. Creating cheese with no hormones, lower cholesterol, 90% less water and 95% less greenhouse gas emissions. Oh and without a cow in sight.
The task; creating an identity and voice that captured the radical science, whilst reassuring potential investors and consumers on the quality of taste.


Rebrand led to a successful fundraise

Coverage in The Economist & BBC Click

The solution

A close working partnership with the founder, core team and leading scientist. Our dedicated team created a confident identity, with copy, illustration and photography and a new bespoke website, to help take the brand to a global audience.

The results

The rebrand led to a successful fundraise and also helped the brand gain coverage in The Economist & BBC Click

"If you're looking for a strong collaborative partner to significantly elevate your brand then look no further! The team brought creative flair alongside real pragmatism allowing us to co-create something that truly takes the audience on an exciting and authentic journey. 10/10"